About The Amish Hacker

“TheAmishHacker” is run by me, Cameron Shook. (I hate writing in 3rd person). While not really Amish, my grandmother is half Pennsylvania Dutch and I grew up on a farm. From the age of 12-19 I worked in my family’s outdoor store where I worked with my father selling and customizing gear for people to use on adventures like my family always took: kayaking, hiking, backpacking, hammock napping, etc. It’s from my father that I started writing, and now write a monthly article in YC Magazine on the outdoors in general. Photography is a major hobby which started from wanting to record all of our adventures, and I actually delayed in buying my first car until I was 19 so I could buy lenses and camera bodies instead.

My day job is as a Customer Support Engineer for 3D printers; previously, I worked as an IT Engineer and Web Designer for an IT firm specializing in small businesses with 200 users or less. I’m competent in most Microsoft based systems (client and server), WordPress, several programming languages, and that indecipherable language known as “geek”. The good news is that I can also translate “geek” into English, meaning I can help you fix a complex problem without you wanting to bash me in the head with a keyboard.

2012-12-26T11-41-42_2Target shooting and gunsmithing are other hobbies that I love. Growing up in South Carolina, I learned how to shoot after I was old enough to cross the street alone and as I grew up I found  I enjoy fixing up old guns, either restoring or refinishing them so they look and work like new. Whether it’s restoring an old Enfield, doing a trigger job on a 10/22, or stippling the grips on a Glock, I just enjoy making things work (and look) better.

Currently I live in North Carolina with my wife Justine where we randomly adventure and work on projects; wood working and carpentry has been a hobby of mine lately and you’ll probably see some posts showing the results. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is another hobby of mine that I train in when I get the chance and love to compete in.

Thanks for visiting,

Cameron Shook

a.k.a The Amish Hacker